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The Looks Fishy was launched in the autumn of 2012 by Edward Lewis... I have always loved going fishing, it’s something I have enjoyed for around 20 years. While I have been studying at University I have had a fairly long break from fishing... that’s something that is now behind me!

After registering the domain sometime in 2010, the website was left on my list of potential websites to create (which is quite a long list!). When the reminder for the domain renewal came through this year, I thought that I should really put some effort in to develop the site and launch the first version. The website has been launched with very limited content. Rather than keep waiting and waiting I made the decision to get something online and then build it up. If you have a venue you would like to see added to the site then please use the online submission form.

If you have any feedback or thoughts about my website then I would really like to hear from you. I have lots of ideas for improving the site, if I get an understanding of how people would like to use the site it will help me prioritise the list! To get in contact, please use the website contact form.

I hope you find the website useful, and fingers crossed that the site helps you locate some great fishing venues!

If you want to say hello, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter or .

Thanks, Edward

October, 2012

That's me fishing at Drayton Resvervoir a few years ago

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