Fishing Near Me

Looks Fishy can help you find somewhere new to go fishing, to a local venue or to somewhere near to where you are.

The website features a large selection of rivers, canals, stillwaters and commercial fisheries. Most fisheries that are listed on the website will give you all of the information you need to start planning a day on the bank – fishery details, species to target, contact info, ticket prices, venue rules and directions. If any information on the website is not available or is out of date, please get in contact and they will be updated accordingly.

Finding new areas to go fishing can be difficult. Many people tend to stick to local fisheries that are near to where they live. Exploring somewhere new can be exciting, the new challenges they present can be very rewarding. If you are planning a holiday or break in the UK, you should be able to find somewhere to fish close to where you are are going.

Looks Fishy splits the UK into regional locations. If you are looking for somewhere new to go coarse fishing, you just need to find the area you are after and then check out the fisheries which are displayed.