Find some rod bending action with Looks Fishy

Try a new fishing venue or remind yourself about somewhere you haven’t visited for years…

Looks Fishy is slowly growing page by page each week and should develop into the most comprehensive guide on the internet for places to go fishing in the UK. If you are asking yourself “where should I go fishing?” then hopefully you will find the answer here. An online angler’s paradise.

If you are bored of fishing at the same places week in and week out or if you just fancy trying somewhere new then this site is for you. The site features a great selection of commercials, ponds, lakes reservoirs, stretches of canal and great river sections. Not all waters are equal, but hopefully you will find somewhere new to wet a line.

Looks Fishy splits the UK into regional locations. If you are looking for somewhere new to go coarse fishing, you just need to find the area you are after and then check out the fisheries which are displayed.

In order to build a database of fishing venues in the UK it will take time. If you would like to help out, or if you have a favourite place where you go fishing please either use the submission form or email the details through. If you own a fishing venue and would like to see it listed on the site, please get in contact with all of the relevant information. The site features a small section of fishing tackle shops – if you own a shop please submit the details to be featured.

Due to the nature of how the information is collected, there may be some listings on the site which become inaccurate. Fishing venues change their prices, add new lakes, change ownership or ban methods/baits. If something on the site is wrong, please submit the details through the error form. The changes will be updated as soon as possible.

Tight lines!