A big water with big resident carp

Ask anyone in the UK to name some venues where a big weight is likely and most people will mention Boddington Reservoir. To say this fishery has a good reputation is a massive understatement.

If you are planning a session at Boddington you should certainly take some strong gear. The carp average around the 7lb mark, and there are lots of much bigger carp lurking in the depths. The match record at the venue is over 600lbs; you dont need many fish to put together a big weight. The most popular way to fish is a hybrid or method feeder fished at distance, this will work all year round. It can be a bit of a waiting game, which may put some anglers off. You might fish for several hours without a sign, but then have a frantic fish-a-chuck period – if that happens you will wake up the next day with arm ache.

During the warmer months the carp are more active and can be caught closer in. The pellet waggler is probably the most exciting way to catch them. Bomb and pellet on the same line will catch those fish that are sitting lower in the water.

The “fished at distance” part is not an understatement. The fish can sit a long way out and you need to find them. Think along the lines of measuring sticks, distance rods, big spooled reels, shock leaders and 45g+ feeders. If those items aren’t in your normal armoury, you might need a trip to the tackle shop or borrow some bits from friends. From experience, turning up and watching the person on the next peg catching fish you can’t reach is a frustrating day.

In addition to the carp, there is a sizeable head of silver fish in the water. If you fancy something different, these should offer a good days sport. The roach and bream can be caught on the pole line. You will need a fairly heavy rig to present your bait in a stable manner. Depth wise, you might need rigs set up on a top 4, but it does shallow up on the beach area after the gate. The silvers could be a viable option in a match if the carp aren’t feeding.

The 65 acre water does offer a large number of pegs, however it might be best to do some research before your trip to double check that there will be spaces available. The venue is host to a lot of matches through the year. If you don’t get a peg, you could always head over to Drayton Reservoir!

Main Species at Boddington Reservoir

  • Bream
  • Carp
  • Perch
  • Pike
  • Roach

Best Pegs

Boddington is a venue that is quite different to many of the commercial fisheries up and down the country. This is a big water, which can present some challenges. Make sure you go with this in mind. The concrete pegs and boulders round the edge present some logistical issues to be aware of, especially when playing fish!

A typical peg at Boddington Reservoir
A typical peg at Boddington Reservoir

Here’s a rough idea for the peg numbers. Depending on where you plan on fishing or where you draw in a match, you might be set for a long walk. The slope out of the car park is very hard to get your gear up and down – the ramp is so steep, it might be better if it wasn’t there!

Boddington reservoir peg numbers
Boddington reservoir peg numbers

Rules and Restrictions

  • Barbless hooks only
  • No braid – for mainline or hooklengths
  • One rod per standard day ticket (Max 2)
  • No night fishing
  • Keepnets in matches only
  • No nuts
  • No tins or rubbish
  • No fishing in the unauthorised areas

Boddington Reservoir along the dam wall
Boddington Reservoir along the dam wall

Day Tickets, Membership and Prices

Adults – Mid-week: £6 one rod, £10 two rods
Adults – Weekend: £7 one rod, £11 two rods
Adults – Evening (after 5pm): £4 one rod, £8 two rods

Concessions – Mid-week: £4 one rod, £8 two rods
Concessions – Weekend: £4 one rod, £8 two rods
Concessions – Evening (after 5pm): £4 one rod, £8 two rods

Match bookings are charged at £7 per peg.

Find out more information

Address: Boddington Road, Near Byfield, Northamptonshire, NN11 6XU.

Sat Nav Postcode: NN11 6XU

Boddington Reservoir Location Map

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