The definition of a bagging water

A favourite for many, often the highlight venue for people who are on the White Acres festivals. It’s surprising how often Bolingey comes up in conversations about fishing – that gives you another indication about what to expect. The venue has been established for a very long time, and similarly to places like Hallcroft and Larford, there are some proper big dawgs lurking below the surface.

Most match style tactics will catch carp, just make sure the approach is tailored to the time of year. The tackle needs to be up for the job, these are big fish. When you hook into them, you want to give yourself the best chance of getting them on the bank. Ideally, you want to spend the day scooping fish into your landing net, not fastening on new hooks or digging out new pole rigs. Approach wise, pole short, pole long, shallow pole, pellet wag, method feeder, bomb & pellet, and margins – the choice is yours. Do some research with what has been working well in the matches and then make your decision accordingly.

The depth of the water is something to consider, the water is often much deeper than people expect. Especially the margins, it’s not like a typical snake lake where you might be fishing in 6″ of water – think more along the lines of 3 to 4 ft.

Main Species at Bolingey Lakes

  • Carp
  • F1
  • Roach
  • Perch
  • Bream

Rules and Restrictions

  • No groundbait
  • No paste
  • No meat
  • Feeders and leads must be im-line – no elasticated feeders
  • Nets are provided by the venue
  • Keepnets for matches only

Day Tickets, Membership and Prices

The fishing is available for people staying at White Acres. Day tickets must be purchased from the Fishing Lodge.

The lakes may be shut during festival weeks.

Find out more information

Address: Penwartha Rd, Perranporth, Cornwall, TR6 0DH.

Sat Nav Postcode: TR6 0DH

Bolingey Lakes Location Map