Free fishing in an iconic location

The River Trent Embankment, or “The Steps” as they are referred to locally are a fairly iconic place to spend some time fishing. Depending on where you head, you should be able to see the Forest ground, Trent Bridge, County Hall, the suspension bridge and the war memorial. Enough of the sight-seeing though, let’s get onto the fishing.

Around Trent Bridge you can fish on both sides of the river. Facing upstream from Trent Bridge, on the left (South bank) you can fish all the way to just past the suspension bridge. On the other side, you can fish slightly further to just past where the old toll bridge crosses. Each bank is concrete and has a series of steps that are about a foot or so deep. Depending on your set up, this could be a challenge – to fish comfortably, you will need a seatbox to fasten everything to – side trays, feeder arms and keepnet attachments. Going old school with a bait smock is also an option. The choice is yours, you just can’t use any bank sticks!

You can park very close to the river in a lot of places. Parking is ok, you have to pay a small charge (few pounds) during the daytime on the north side, there is a small road of free parking on the opposite side near Welbeck Hall. Depending on where you park or where you want to fish will dictate the distance of the walk. Fishing on the opposite side of Trent Bridge is possible, but parking looks a pain and there are rowing clubs – so could be a bit of a ball ache.

Southbank – Trent Embankment

A winters view along the Southbank

Over the years the Embankment section of river has been used for some high profile matches. The Angling Times used the section for the final of their Winter League, it was also used to stage the European Championships. During the early 00’s the fishing did decline, but now the section is full of fish. There are many stories about big bags of 100lb+ bream, bursting nets of roach, and the odd barbel. who knows?!

If you fancy a good, simple days fishing then take some hemp and maggots and you should have a fish a bung running a float down the river. Stick float, waggler and feeder will all work as will a pole or whip set up. It’s an ideal place for a few hours fishing, using up old bait or to fill a few hours on a summer evening.

If you are planning a visit, have a look to see if there are any events on. Football, cricket, cycle events, the marathon – there are a lot of items to consider which could spoilt the sport. If you like city centre fishing, the London Road Canal is another close by alternative.

Main Species at River Trent – Embankment

  • Roach
  • Dace
  • Bream
  • Perch
  • Barbel

Day Tickets, Membership and Prices

The fishing is free. Depending on when you head over the parking is free too. Pretty good value!

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River Trent – Embankment Location Map