Plenty of silvers and some bigger bonus fish lurking around

The canal in Nottingham runs in and out of the River Trent between Beeston and Trent Bridge, it allows boat traffic to navigate around a fast, shallow section of river. The parts of the canal that most people are familiar with are the London Road section that runs between the BBC roundabout to Trent Bridge, or the Castle Boulevard section which runs in the opposite way from the BBC island to Castle Marina – both of these sections run parallel to two of the main roads in and out of the city centre.

 Nottingham canal carp

The canal supports a wide range of species, but the main plan of attack should be roach, perch and skimmers with the hope that a few bonus fish may eventually show up – this is more likely if there is some colour in the water. There are some odd chub knocking around, and as with any canal, there are a few random big double figure carp, but they don’t show very often. Tactics wise, pole should be the main focus, just make sure that your feeding is adjusted to the time of year. Take a choice of baits and keep trying a piece of worm or caster to try to tempt a bonus fish. Flat floats and pole feeder work well for presenting a static bait.

The water often feels more like a river than a canal, it’s very uncommon for the water to stay still. Delicate canal rigs are often too light and hard to control in the flow. It can take a bit of getting used to, but heavier rigs with plenty of line between the pole tip and float should be a good approach.

A few other bits to think about. Some pegs are a bit of a walk, so ideally you need a barrow. Parking in the week can be a pain, but on Sunday you can park for free on Iremonger Road. There are some parts along the bank where space can be a bit tight. It’s a popular area for bikes, runners and walkers, which can make shipping your pole back tricky – you need your rollers next to the canal. It can get pretty windy too, you aren’t a proper angler if you haven’t had a top kit or pole section blown into the water! It’s a popular area for matches – so worth finding out if there are any on if you are planning a visit.

Main Species at Nottingham Canal

  • Bream
  • Carp
  • Chub
  • Perch
  • Roach

Best Pegs

There are a number of places which are worth considering:

  • The end pegs towards the top of London Road are popular pegs – they are a short walk too if you park on the road behind. There are a good number of bonus fish around this area which can help build weights.
  • Further down, the “Tins” are a good set of pegs. You will see find them just up from the BBC island, where the opposite bank features all of the black metal sheeting.
  • The pegs down near the law courts are a good place to consider if you want to target the bream.

fishing on the Nottingham canal

Rules and Restrictions

  • No bloodworm and joker
  • No night fishing
  • No unauthorised pegging or matches
  • No litter of any description
  • All fish must be returned to the water

Day Tickets, Membership and Prices

Lenton Chain Bridge to the Lock at Meadow Lane is controlled by the Nottingham Federation of Anglers – known as the Notts Fed by local anglers. The prices are as follows:

Adults – Day tickets: £5
Concessions – Day tickets: £3

Full membership to all of the Fed waters will cost the following:

Adults: £38
Concessions: £28

Find out more information

Address: A60, London Road, Nottingham, NG2 4UU.

Sat Nav Postcode: NG2 4UU

Nottingham Canal Location Map

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