Enjoy a relaxing day fishing in an idyllic environment

Coole Acres is a relatively new fishery which opened in 2012 in Nantwich, Cheshire. The picturesque venue contains 3 lakes which are stocked with a range of coarse fish.

Fox Lake – if big fish are your thing then you should get set up around there. The specimen specimen lake contains carp which run into the late 20s, catfish to the mid 20s. If you like staying out, you can night fish this one too.

Spanner Lake – a pleasure lake which is suited to match tactics. In here you can target roach, bream, chub and carp – the carp range in the 4lb to 13lb bracket.

Lodge Lake – this is a bit of a hidden gem and offers something different to a lot of places. There are no carp in here, but the lake is stocked with a big head of tench, which nearly hit double figures. In here, you can also catch crucians, roach and chub.

Main Species at Coole Acres Fishery

  • Tench
  • Bream
  • Carp
  • Roach
  • Pike

Rules and Restrictions

  • All anglers must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency Rod License and will be required to produce this item for inspection before being allowed to fish
  • All anglers are expected to show respect and courtesy to fellow anglers and the fishery staff at all times
  • Children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult
  • Dogs are not allowed, except in the case of assistance dogs for the blind or deaf
  • Disabled anglers have priority at all times on those pegs marked as disabled pegs
  • Fishing is permitted only from the fishing pegs provided
  • From any given peg no fishing is permitted beyond half-way to the next occupied peg. Should bait already be in the water when an angler arrives on a previously unoccupied adjacent peg it is the responsibility of the in-situ angler to reel in and re-site their bait if necessary
  • A maximum of 2 rods is permitted (3 rods November thru March)
  • The use of braided main line is not permitted
  • Anglers are responsible at all times for the security of their personal belongings and vehicle. The fishery management accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to same
  • Anglers are responsible at all times for their own safety, and enter the premises and fish and use the facilities entirely at their own risk
  • Representatives of the fishery management reserve the right to inspect persons, property and vehicles at any time
  • Alcohol is permitted in moderation only; any abuse of this concession will lead to immediate expulsion from site
  • Drugs are banned without exception. The management will notify the local police if we believe drugs have been brought onto the fishery

Fish Welfare

  • Only landing nets, unhooking mats and weigh slings supplied by the fishery are to be used. A deposit (cash or security e.g. car keys/driver’s license) will be required to book out these items, and upon safe return of same the deposit will be refunded in full – damage will result in a charge being made
  • Keep nets are not permitted
  • Under no circumstances are any fish to be introduced to the waters
  • Removal of fish is not permitted, and any such act will result in a report to the police and the fishery management will pursue a charge of theft. (Note; we micro-chip most of our larger lake stocks!)
  • No rods with baited hooks (in the water or on the bank), are to be left unattended at any time,
  • Only single barbless hooks are permitted, maximum size 8
  • No fixed or semi-fixed weights or feeders to be used – only free running are permitted
  • The use of carp-sacks is not permitted
  • The management expects that only suitable tackle will be used, and reserves the right to require an angler to cease using any tackle which we deem to be unsuitable


  • High oil pellets, corn, maggots and tinned meats (spam/luncheon meat) are to be used as hook baits only, no loose feeding of these is permitted in large quantities
  • The use of nuts, pulses, beans, cat/dog food, is not permitted
  • No bloodworm or joker permitted
  • Boilies & Loose-feed pellets for ground-baiting – only those purchased from the fishery are permitted. No exception as this allows us to control the quality of the food intake of our fish stocks (or as per no 1. in small quantities)

Day Tickets, Membership and Prices

Day Ticket – Coarse lakes

  • £7.50 per day – for 1 rod
  • £9.00 per day – for two rods
  • Concession/Junior* – 1 rod £5.00 or 2 rods £7.50 per day

Day Ticket – Specimen Lake

  • £10.00 per day/night session – for up to 3 rods
  • Concession/Junior* – £8.00 per day – for up to 3 rods

Overnight Fishing – Specimen lake

  • £20.00 per 24 hour session – weekend** (either 8am to 8am the following day or 8pm to 8pm the following day)
  • £16.00 per 24 hour session – weekdays (either 8am to 8am the following day or 8pm to 8pm the following day)
  • (3 rod limit between November and March)

Find out more information

Telephone: 01270 446553

Address: Coole Lane, Newhall, Nantwich, CW5 8AY.

Sat Nav Postcode: CW5 8AY

Coole Acres Fishery Location Map