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Earl of Harrington Angling Club

Here’s a feature on the Earl of Harrington Angling Club, who control the fishing rights on the River Derwent from Darley Abbey to Borrowash in Derbyshire. This was one of the first clubs I joined when I started fishing as a junior.

How are the club membership numbers doing? How have things faired over the past few years?

Club membership is up this year for the first time in a few years. We have been more proactive this season and have launched a new website and Facebook and Twitter profiles. There aren’t many Clubs doing this (well not in the Midlands) – we are now more in touch with its members and they obviously appreciate it. Will continue to work hard on this.

Do you have many junior members?

We do have junior members but not as many as we would like. We will collate ticket sales in March to see the overall position in adult and junior season ticket sales.

I saw you had a Facebook match a few weeks ago, what’s the thinking behind that?

The Facebook match was a brilliant day. I wanted to organise something where Facebook likers could come together and have a good day out. It was open to non-members and they cannot wait until the next one. We even had a couple of guys come from Leeds! I think it is important to keep up with the times and embrace how we react with people via the website and facebook. We raised some money for charity, had some great donation prizes and everyone went home very happy. We are having a Pike Match in March to finish of the season and this is proving very popular already.

A pretty big barbel won that match, how common are they on the Derwent?

It was a fantastic barbel that won the match. We can honestly say that we must be up there as a premier barbel stretch.

How did the recent floods change the river? Any new snaggy pegs appeared?

Cannot report on any new snaggy pegs at the moment. The Derwent was definitely up but never as bad as the Trent

What tend to be the most popular pegs?

The most popular pegs are at Borrowash but there are other stretches that offer specimen fishing (barbel, perch, chub, river carp) which we are looking to develop.

I’ve spent a fair few days on Chub alley, how does that fish nowadays?

Chub Alley is still very popular and there have been some specimen barbel, perch and good pike out this season.

How many people are involved in the day to day running of the club?

There are about 12 people involved in the day to day running of the club. This number includes the bailiffs.

Do you have any plans for the club in the next 1-2 years?

We do have plans in the next 12 months. The club is moving forward, the website and Facebook will continue to be developed which should play an important role. The Club rules are under review for next season and changes are being made. We will be promoting the fishing on stretches and developing with work parties etc. Bailiffing is being increased. Derwent Valley Fishery is being improved.

We are also launching our Club clothing range in the New Year. There are exciting times ahead for the Club!

For more information about the club check out some of the following links:


One thought on “Earl of Harrington Angling Club

  1. Myself and 2 friends are considering fishing at Borrowash and trying for Pike.

    We’ve not fished there before and are contemplating a day ticket for next Thursday.
    I notice your website mentions photographs , is this just for the annual permits?.
    Do the annual permits run from date of issue or from season to season?.
    If we do want to go Thursday for the day is their a place near to Borrowash that is open early to get the day ticket?.

    Does the river fish ok for Pike.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Regards John (from Sheffield)

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