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Fish ‘O’ Mania XX

So… what many people believe to be the highlight of the match fishing calendar has been and gone. The 20th Fish ‘O’ Mania was held at Cudmore Fisheries on the weekend.

Fish 'O' Mania at Cudmore

I’d been looking forward to going to watch the final for months, but after having my wisdom teeth out I found it hard to motivate myself for the journey over to Stoke. I think the last Fish-‘O’ final I went to was at Hallcroft – answers on a postcard for how many years ago that was!

It was an interesting few hours, after arriving just after 3pm we saw the closing stages of the match. Looking around the lake at who was catching, it was clear that the fish were following the wind. I fancied Nick Speeds chances before the match having made his way into the final in the last qualifier, with the wind on his back there was little he could do.

Congratulations to Jamie Hughes! He kept everyone entertained through the afternoon on his way to a winning weight of 68.470kg which was over 30kg in front of Lee Barrett in second place.

Fish ‘O’ Mania XX Result

1. Jamie Hughes (Peg 7) 68.470kg
2. Lee Barrett (Peg 14) 38.100kg
3. Andy Leathers (Peg 8) 36.430kg
4. James Dent (Peg 5) 32.900kg
5. Neil McKinnon (Peg 9) 29.020kg
6. Dale Shepherd (Peg 6) 27.050kg
7. Les Thompson (Peg 11) 24.550kg
8. Tom Pickering (Peg 13) 23.860kg
9. Nathan Watson (Peg 12) 22.780kg
10. Andy Power (Peg 15) 22.080kg
11. Gary Hick (Peg 10) 20.430kg
12. Darren Cox (Peg 2) 15.130kg
13. Craig Jones (Peg 3) 11.710kg
14. Perry Stone (Peg 16) 5.930kg
15. Nick Speed (Peg 1) 4.850kg
16. Gavin Millis (Peg 4) 2.400kg

Andy Power

Down on peg 15 with Andy Power. He had a great view over to peg 7.

Jamie Hughes Fish 'O' Mania XX

Living it up on fish corner with Jamie Hughes. He certainly made the most of his peg and took full advantage of the fish in front of him.

Darren Cox

Darren Cox on his way to landing a tricky foul hooked carp. It looked touch and go at times, but eventually the fish found its way into his landing net

Andy Power scooping up £1,000

Andy Power scooping up £1,000 for landing the largest fish of the match!

Jamie Hughes on the stage

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