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Kryston Quicksilver Braid

There are probably a number of Kryston braids that could feature in this series of favourite items of tackle. I’m a big fan of the Kryston gear, all of their products are strong and reliable, which are the two qualities you need in a hooklength when you are targeting big fish.

kryston quicksilver braid

I was introduced to the Quicksilver braid over 10 years ago by John, someone I often go fishing with. I had been fishing on some really snaggy swims on the river Derwent and losing quite a few barbel as my line ran against underwater branches and rocks. As you can imagine, this is was a pretty frustrating situation, you finally locate the fish but then can’t get them out!

When I first saw the braid I was quite skeptical. I didn’t doubt the strength or durability, that was pretty clear – you could be confused for thinking that this stuff is some kind of tow rope! For someone who has a background in match and pole fishing I’ve spent sleepless nights thinking about line diameters. The thought of using something so thick seemed crazy, it seemed so unnatural and brutish. Around 30 minutes in on my first session using it I was scooping a big barbel into my net – that put my mind at rest!

I managed to dig this picture out. This one predates digital cameras!

derwent barbel

Knot wise, as you would expect, the Quicksilver braid works really well. For most of my fishing I will use a knotless knot at the business end and then a blood or palomar knot to join the hook length to the mainline via a swivel. I’ve yet to be snapped on this setup, maybe I’m a creature of habit, but why change if you don’t need to?

The braid had an instant impact on my fishing. That first session using it was like flicking a switch in my head, barbel fishing suddenly started making sense. There is no point in hooking a fish if you don’t have suitable gear that allows you to get them on the bank. John and I still laugh about the phone call after my first session as I talked him through how many fish I had caught!

If you are targeting big fish in tight snaggy swims then this should be your hook length of choice.

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