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Pole Float Conversion – Styl To Shot

pole floats

We have all been there, you get back from the tackle shop ready to make your rigs with your new pole floats only to find that the weight on the side refers to styls rather than shot. Fear not, here is a handy guide you can use to convert the styl guide to the correct amount of standard shot.

Pole Float Size / Styl

Weight (g)

Shot Equivalent

3 x 10 0.10g 2 x No 10
4 x 10 0.15g 3 x No 9
4 x 12 0.20g 5 x No 10
4 x 14 0.40g 6 x No 8
4 x 16 0.50g 8 x No 8
4 x 18 0.75g 3 x No 3
4 x 20 1.00g 4 x No 3
5 x 20 1.25g 5 x No 3
6 x 20 1.50g 6 x No 3

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