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Earl of Harrington Angling Club

Here’s a feature on the Earl of Harrington Angling Club, who control the fishing rights on the River Derwent from Darley Abbey to Borrowash in Derbyshire. This was one of the first clubs I joined when I started fishing as a junior. How are the club membership numbers doing? How have things faired over the […]

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The Looks Fishy Logo

Things with the website are slowly starting to come together. This week has been quite productive, the site now has a new logo! Well, it’s more “a” logo, rather than a “new” one! It’s been quite fun working on this over the past few weeks, especially watching it develop after rounds of feedback. Here are […]

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New Blog!

It’s pretty much obligitory having a “new blog” type post as the first thing on a new wordpress website isn’t it?! I think so.. exciting times! I must have created or worked on hundreds of websites over the past few years but suprisingly this is the first one that has anything to do with fishing. […]

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National Anguilla Club

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