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Interview with Jan Porter

Jan Porter is one of those names that people who go fishing hear and instantly smile. He is a one of the great characters in the match and now specimen angling scene. It was very exciting when he agreed to do a feature on here. Fingers crossed that the day we have planned on the […]

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Interview with Nick Fisher

Nick Fisher will be remembered by anglers in the UK as the man from Screaming Reels. The program was a great show that covered a wide range of different types of fishing – in a very unique way. Nick is a very busy man who manages to find time to go fishing in-between writing TV […]

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Interview with Richard Easom

Richard Eason who owns the well established Quest for Barbel blog has recently started work on an exciting range of baits called 3FT – 3 Foot Twitch. After having some good success with them, I thought it would be good to catch up with him and find out some more information about his fishing and […]

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A Good Start to the Year

All in all it has been a pretty good start to the year! In October I started going fishing again after a break of around 5 years… It was probably not the best time of year weather wise, but it’s not something thats bothered me too much! Starting fishing again has been pretty straight forward. […]

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Interview with Keith Arthur

Keith Arthur is one of the most well known and respected people in the fishing world. I’m not sure how he found time to answer the questions, but he managed to fit it in around this TV, radio and press commitments! […]

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Three Rivers Angling

Patrick Oliver runs the popular Three Rivers Angling coaching and guiding company. Based in Derbyshire they take anglers out on the Derwent, the Trent and the Dove. I’ve heard really good reports from people who have been out on trips, so it was good to get an interview with Patrick to find out more about […]

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Earl of Harrington Angling Club

Here’s a feature on the Earl of Harrington Angling Club, who control the fishing rights on the River Derwent from Darley Abbey to Borrowash in Derbyshire. This was one of the first clubs I joined when I started fishing as a junior. How are the club membership numbers doing? How have things faired over the […]

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The Looks Fishy Logo

Things with the website are slowly starting to come together. This week has been quite productive, the site now has a new logo! Well, it’s more “a” logo, rather than a “new” one! It’s been quite fun working on this over the past few weeks, especially watching it develop after rounds of feedback. Here are […]

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